Guided Exploration

TACT’s Guided Exploration

The Guided Exploration (GE) is designed to give consumers an opportunity for in-depth exploration of assistive technology options specific to their needs with guidance from a TACT staff member or volunteer. The goal of the GE is set by the consumer. The GE will include demonstration and hands-on experience whenever possible. Research and product information supporting the quest for assistive technology information will be provided. During the Guided Exploration, AT information from light tech to high tech is discussed. Equipment or software features are compared, contrasted, and considered in the context of the consumer’s goals, as well as cost and lifestyle/environmental compatibility. Group brainstorming and strategizing for possible solutions often occurs. We hope that the result is a better educated consumer who will be able to make informed choices based on increased knowledge.

Consumers may include anyone they choose in the Guided Exploration process. Parents, caregivers, siblings, teachers, therapists, extended family, friends, and advocates are all welcome. There is a large selection of AT and conventional equipment at TACT. We strive to have a variety of equipment available for consumers to try before they buy. In addition, vendor demonstrations or vendor loan of equipment and software to TACT for demonstration purposes is often possible.

It should be emphasized that the Guided Exploration is not a formal assessment, evaluation, or therapy. The GE is simply an information sharing process with TACT staff and others who may have expertise regarding the consumer’s area of interest. The consumer’s goals for home, recreation, school, and/or work direct the GE process. Our goal is to provide the consumer with objective, timely, up-to-date AT information that will assist the consumer in achieving goals. We do not prescribe or recommend during the GE; the eventual choice is up to the consumer.

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