AT Lab

TACT’s Assistive Technology Computer Lab

The Assistive Technology (AT) Computer Lab contains several computer workstations designed to accommodate the needs of individuals with a variety of abilities and to represent the various home, classroom and work environments of consumers. Our staff can adapt a computer to compensate for a specific problem by setting up AT equipment such as alternative, expanded or mini keyboards, alternative mice, and/or hands-free computer access options. These adaptations may be combined with AT software for speech recognition, reading productivity, or support of the writing process. Electronic workstations and ergonomic chairs enable us to adjust the workstation to meet the needs of the each individual. Using this flexible arrangement, we are able to assess individuals to identify their specific assistive technology needs.

Our staff members also provide instruction and demonstrations to groups and individuals on a wide variety of assistive and conventional technology subjects and equipment. The AT Computer Lab provides an environment where our staff can prepare individuals for the challenges of the classroom, including today’s computer-oriented educational settings, as well as instruct individuals with disabilities for the computer-related productivity demands of employment.

The AT Computer Lab also offers opportunities for speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation engineers, physical therapists, teachers and other professionals or paraprofessionals working with people with disabilities to remain up to date with the state-of-the-art of assistive technology. Professionals can then incorporate assistive technology into their practices and professional development for best practices service delivery.